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Mackhall Mobility has an extensive range of products for all mobility needs. Everything from elderly care and surgery recovery, to sports related injuries and long-term mobility. Browse through our list of products and click on supplier logos to visit their websites. If there is a product you need that’s not listed, not to worry! Reach out to us and we’ll find a solution for you.


Wheelchair wheel

Our mobility experts will work hard with you to find the perfect wheelchair to suit your mobility needs. This includes adjustable wheelchair seating to maximize positioning, pressure relief and comfort, sizing the chair for functionality and easing this investment with available government funding. Whether manual, electric, tilt or transport, we have a wide selection of models available.


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Elderly grandparents with grand children

A power scooter from Mackhall can take you wherever you need to be with minimal effort. Scooters range from small size to heavy duty, to more compact models, with features like full suspension, adjustable deluxe reclining seats, lighting packages, performance, and enhanced motor and electronic components. The smallest models are lightweight, and can be easily disassembled into 3 pieces for easy transportation and storage. Scooters are not intended for use on the road.


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Evolution Rollator

Rollators provide stability and safety to anyone whose mobility may be compromised, but still wants to maintain the freedom of walking on their own. As opposed to walkers, rollators can come equipped with large wheels for smooth motion on all sorts of terrain, a handbrake for easier control, a fold-up seat for resting, and a basket for storage. Some models fold side-to-side, while others fold front to back. Fusion Rollators combine all the benefits of a rollator, but also doubles as a transport chair! Funding for rollators is also available through ADP in Ontario with approval from an authorized therapist. Inquire about funding when you speak to one of our experts.


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Woman riding stairglide

Stairglides are made to help you move up and down the stairs in your home with ease, without having to renovate! Stairglides are installed over existing curved or straight staircases, running on a track mounted to the steps. The stairglide also features a swivel seat for easy maneuvering, and can be easily folded to free up space on the stairs for others. They can even be installed on outdoor staircases.

Lift chairs are motorized to rise up and meet you for an easier way to sit down. When you’re ready to get back up, they provide full support rising up to get you get back on your feet without assistance. Models are available with single or dual motors for easier range of motion. Single-motor chairs move the back and leg rests simultaneously, while dual-motor models can move both sections independently.


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Minimize the risk of a slip-and-fall by installing a grab bar or safety rail on your bath or shower. We also stock the Super Pole, a non-permanent transportable option that can support up to 300 pounds, making it a very versatile in-home mobility solution.


Bath lifts are motorized to bring you over the edge of the tub automatically, while transfer benches and seats allow you to slide into the tub without having to get your legs in one at a time.


Completely adjustable, foldable and rotatable, we have the right bath seat to fit inside your tub or shower for easier bathing, and fewer chances of a slip and fall.


We carry a wide assortment of different commodes and raised toilet seats for your safety and convenience.  Many different styles are available, from standard removable commodes to fully-mounted commodes with grab bars.


Mackhall carries many simple bathroom safety accessories to make everyday use much easier. Non-slip bath mats, hand-held shower heads and suction soap holders are just a few of the items we carry.

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Mackhall Mobility offers a number of bed solutions to make getting in and out of bed easier. Fully motorized beds offer adjustable controls at the touch of a button. Leisure beds are fully remote controlled, allowing you to easily raise or lower bed sections depending on your need. Fully-electric hospital beds are also available for maximum control and convenience for patients and caregivers. Along with adjustable sections and an easy-to-use remote control, the entire bed can be raised or lowered for easier transfers and other caregiving duties.

Mackhall also offers specialized mattresses for specific needs, and fitted sheets to better work with hospital beds. We also provide many unique bed accessories, like bed rails, IV poles, grab bars and over the bed tables. We carry an assortment of specialized pillows, and wedge cushions and coccyx cushions to elevate your body in your favourite chair, while taking pressure off sensitive areas.

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Compression hosiery helps to constrict your veins for stronger blood flow and better circulation.  These are a vital tool in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and many other circulatory issues. Mackhall stocks a variety of compression hosiery for men and women to assist with these issues, available in a number of sizes, styles and compression strengths from mild to firm. And if you need a more specialized stocking, Mackhall can also provide custom fitting sessions.



We carry a large selection of stocking donners, dressing sticks, button holders, zipper pulls, elastic laces and many more dressing aid options to help you dress and undress.


Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, or simply need extra support, Mackhall Mobility carries a wide assortment of different braces. Ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, back and more kinds of braces are available to provide the extra support you need to heal. Our on-staff kinesiologist can custom-fit braces and supports, when you need a little more support than the average brace offers.

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Mackhall Mobility is proud to offer a wide selection of medical uniforms to support our friends in healthcare, keeping them clean and comfortable while at work. Browse through our supplier websites to find a style that’s right for you.

For those who require assistive care, open-back nightgowns are also available in a variety of colours and styles.

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We carry a large selection of stocking donners, dressing sticks, button holders, zipper pulls, elastic laces and many more dressing aid options to help you dress and undress.


Mackhall Mobility carries a selection of Simcan socks, designed to combat swollen calves, arthritis, poor circulation or diabetes. Simcan socks offer a revolutionary comfort and fit, keeping the sock on your leg without constricting your blood flow.


We carry a huge selection of simple tools to counteract any challenge you may face in the kitchen. From specialty utensils to jar openers, tap turners to one-handed can openers and peelers, we have plenty of ways to make life in the kitchen easier for you.


Nearly 3.3 million Canadians live with either urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence every day, whether permanent or temporary. Mackhall Mobility carries a full array of incontinence products, so feel free to ask one of our experts which is right for you.


To combat Seasonal Effective Disorder, we carry daylight therapy lamps and Lightbooks. These lamps simulate sunlight at over 10,000 lux, without any of the harmful UV radiation. Only a few minutes of use a day are needed to improve your energy levels and mood.


If you are going in for surgery in the near future, talk to our healthcare experts about a post-surgery kit. These kits are specially-designed to address the challenges you’ll be facing during rehabilitation. They contain a number of useful items like a reacher, a long-handled brush, a shoe horn, stretchy shoe laces and more.


Patient lifts are used primarily to assist caregivers in transferring patients between rooms or bed to bath safely and easily. Whether residential or a nursing home, Mackhall’s experts can find the right kind of lift to suit the need. From standard manual and power lifts to ceiling track lifts for simple transfers, to Stand-up Lifts for those who can handle the exercise.


Vehicle Lifts are a great option when you have difficulty loading your wheelchair or scooter into your vehicle.


Deck Lifts provide a direct vertical lift on a platform, and are often used outdoors and in the garage. Deck lifts can be operated by the user, or by a caregiver from up to 12 feet in range.

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When you’re confined to a wheelchair or scooter, raised doorways and stairs present a persistent problem. That’s why Mackhall Mobility offers portable ramps for rental or purchase. Simple to install and very sturdy, these ramps provide an easy solution to stair, doorway, curb and vehicle access challenges.


If you’re finding it hard to stay stable while walking, or feel like you need a little extra support, Mackhall Mobility has a collection of walkers to help! Lightweight foldable walkers make it easy to stay on your feet.  Models are available with or without wheels, and in different sizes to accommodate any body type, making walkers a simple and affordable mobility solution.

For a unique option, Mackhall also carries Knee Walkers! While one leg rests on a supported platform, the other leg propels you forward, much like a normal scooter! This is a fantastic option for those recovering from an ankle injury.


Canes provide lightweight, height-adjustable support for extra balance. A variety of styles are available, as well as plenty of specialty models like the quad cane that can stand on its own, offering extra stability. The cane seat can be closed for a sturdy support cane, and opened up for a comfy seat, perfect for extended standing, or waiting in long lines. We also carry a large selection of accessories and extra bases for canes. Ice grips are available for winter walking, along with claw and quad bases for extra stability.


Crutches are well-suited to taking weight and pressure off a specific joint or area, but are usually meant for someone recovering from surgery or an injury. While you heal, Mackhall can provide standard or forearm crutches to rent or buy.

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If you’re recovering from an injury, or only require short-term mobility assistance, Mackhall Mobility offers rental options on every product we sell. We understand that needs and timelines change often, which is why we have a number of flexible rental options to work with.


  • Bath Chairs
  • Bath Lift
  • Bed Helper
  • Canes
  • Crutches
  • Electric Hospital Bed
  • Eye Recovery System
  • Furniture Risers
  • Knee Slider Board
  • Knee Walker
  • Lift Chair
  • Mechanical Lift
  • Over Bed Table
  • Portable Ceiling Track
  • Ramps
  • Roho Cushions
  • Rollators
  • Spenco Mattress
  • Super Poles
  • Scooters
  • Tens Machine
  • Transfer Bench
  • Versamode
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
    (manual & electric)
Man on crutches with wheelchair in behind


In order to better support professional care-givers, Mackhall Mobility carries a variety of different health-care equipment and tools to assist with their duties. Blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes are a few of the tools that Mackhall makes available for our clients. We can even special order items if you need something above and beyond our normal inventory.